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I love America! Apart from one tiny detail (an orange detail at that) I love everything about it. The people, the culture, the variety of landscapes and weather systems. It’s just fab! The people are great and one of the things I love most about them is their proms. Whilst we now have proms in the UK, Americans definitely do it better. They pull out all the stops from their dresses, corsages, suits right through to prom car hire ideas.

When I was in America several years ago, I was visiting family and it was my cousin’s prom whilst I was out there. It was so fun seeing her get ready and then sending her off in a posh car in her fabulous outfit and amazing accessories. She was so excited and it made me a little jealous. My prom when I left school was really nice, but it wasn’t amazing. I kind of wish I was able to have a do-over but for now I will make do with my memories of mine, and steal a few from my cousins.

Whilst I was out there I also got to go to a family. Unfortunately my elderly aunt wasn’t able to travel and so she had to miss it. She was pretty gutted to miss out but we made sure she felt included by getting about a million different wedding photos. We even set it up so she could watch the live stream online at the time and she raised a glass to the happy couple.

Events in America just seem bigger and wilder than here in the UK. I think the UK is definitely catching up though and I’m excited to see what my niece’s prom will be like when she is older, and I have a few weddings to go to in the next year or two so that will be great too.

Events don’t necessarily have to be massive to make it better, but it can mean a better atmosphere. I personally would rather have quality guests over quantity should I ever get married. Close friends and family are what makes an event and that’s why I think destination weddings are actually on the decrease. Since the recession, and also now since Brexit, the cost of living has definitely gone up, and whilst we all occasionally see those random posts that go viral on social media about a bridezilla who expects the heavens from her guests, the majority of couples are now seeing that asking their guests (particularly ones who aren’t closely related) to spend a lot of money on travel and accomodation isn’t fair. They want them to be part of their day so have a ceremony closer to home and then spend their money on a honeymoon just for themselves.

Whatever you do for your prom or wedding, or any other event for that matter, just remember that no event runs smoothly and there is no such thing as a perfect day or event. Take it in your stride, relax and enjoy! You (probably) won’t ever have another one after all!


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