Can you really earn money blogging?


I did think about leaving the post there but I thought I ought to explain myself a little more. Being a blogger is hard work, but you honestly can make money from it. I should know – just under a year ago I was earning nothing from my blog. If you’d told me that little old me would get paid blogging work, I would have laughed in your face. Now I have an income of several hundred pounds a month – and that is just by blogging outside of regular working hours as I have a “normal” Monday to Friday job.

In my opinion – you sould find a niche you love and go for it.

Most of my income comes from working with blogger outreach services. They will be key to your success. They are a great bridge over the gap between bloggers or influencers and the brands they are going to end up working with. They make it easy for bloggers, influencers and content writers to connect with brands, and for brands to connect with those bloggers and influencers!

Brands work with companies like these in order to get their content out there and in front of relevant audiences, as well as links back to their websites. Targeted advertising is definitely the way to go, and by connecting with bloggers in their niche, they will get a higher return on their advertising investment as they are reaching more relevant people who are more likely to spend money on your brand or product. They can also act as a kind of HR department or agency, making sure that you are only presented with the best blogs and the best influencers relevant to what you need. This can save you time and money! It’s definitely a win win for brands!

For bloggers, it allows them to be connected with a vast number of different companies and brands, via that one gateway – often meaning more regular work is available, and less time spent out there researching and pitching to individual brands. This in turn means more regular income, and lots of connections make in a quick and easy way. As someone who isn’t confident at pitching and selling themselves, this allows me to apply for more placements and work on my pitch each time, and grow and develop as I go. It’s a win win for bloggers!

Blogging isn’t an easy journey, but services like this are making it that little bit easier. For companies and brands, blogger outreach is definitely an increasingly popular way of advertising, as well as building their online presence. There is still the occasional need for brands and influencers to work directly with each other with no middle man, but these opportunities are getting fewer and farther between. As brands and bloggers realise the benefit of this kind of company, more and more of them will be using them. This in turn will mean more choice of bloggers for the brands to work with, but also more brands for the bloggers to pitch to. So as you can see – this type of service works for everyone involved so start your journey asap!

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