Cottage Holidays in the UK

With the continued uncertainty over Brexit, and the implications it might have on both travel and the economy, staycations are growing rapidly in popularity and rightly so. Whilst I love international travel, holidays in the UK are a great way of having a change of scenery without the faff or expense of international flights or transfers.

One of my favourite types of UK based holidays are ones where friends and I rent a cottage or similar property. It can be so nice to have a space to call home for a weekend or longer and be used as a base to explore the local area. Holiday cottages are available all over the UK, so wherever you want to explore, or if there’s an attraction you want to be near, you are bound to find something.

Here’s some of the top reasons why I love this kind of holiday:

  1. No need for a passport which is not a cheap document if you need to get a new one or renew your existing one.
  2. No flying – I used to love flying, but as I’ve gotten older, I find the stress of getting to the airport, going through security and hanging around takes off some of the shine off a holiday. A UK cottage holiday means you leave your home and short of traffic or comfort stops on the way, the next stop will be your final destination!
  3. You get so much more space to yourself than just a small hotel room – including a lounge and kitchen, and perhaps even a garden. For specific dietary requirements, or even just fussy eating members of your travel party, a self catering space with your own kitchen can be a blessing in disguise and be a massive stress reliever. You can usually arrange for a supermarket grocery shop to be delivered on your arrival day, saving you time and the stress of transporting or buying food on the way. This is a particular bonus if someone in your party has food allergies or intolerances. A garden can be wonderful for summer evening drinks or if you have children traveling with you, knowing you have a space where they can run around but which is secured.
  4. Some cottages are pet friendly, meaning you can bring the furry members of the family with you on your holidays!
  5. A cottage holiday can be a really cost effective holiday – especially if there are several of you going.  The price of the cottage split by the number of people going, and especially if you car share getting there can really save you a lot of money.
  6. Whatever you are looking for, or whatever your requirements, with the selection of cottages available, you will almost certainly be ale to find something that meets them all. This is even if you are looking for a particular style of cottage, a minimum number of bedrooms, a pool, or you need to stick to a particular budget or specific dates, you need parking, wi-fi or anything else.

The flexibility and freedom that a cottage holiday can offer, you really will not regret trying it out, and if anything, a whole new world of holiday possibilities will be opened to you!

Happy Cottaging!


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