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Destination Wedding Venues

Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular, especially when the bride and groom have a large proportion of family or friends from abroad. They really can allow for an absolutely wonderful big day, but equally, if the wedding venues are not close to where any of those friends and family live, it can leave the happy couple feeling slightly out of control because it’s not like they can pop in from time to time to chat to the wedding coordinator or to try the food. That’s why, if you are planning a destination wedding, here’s my top tips of things to think about before booking:

  1. Location – is it somewhere easy to get to, from wherever in the globe your guests may be travelling from. If it is in the middle of nowhere and it can take a lot of time and money to get there, this may put your guests off.
  2. Cost – whilst you want a beautiful big day, and it will probably be the most important day of your life, don’t forget that it won’t necessarily be quite as important to other people so expecting them to spend a small fortune on attending may well put them off.
  3. Food – can the venue cater to the numbers of people that you want to have at your event? Having a steady flow of diners at a restaurant throughout an evening is very different to having food ready for a large number of people for a sit down dinner all at the same time. The menu will also be key. If you have a set idea of dishes then make sure they can offer this. Also don’t forget that your version of a menu might be very different to theirs.
  4. Local customs – some places in the world may have customs and traditions which may interfere with your plans. For example, some places in the world you cannot be drunk or seen to be drinking in public (such as Dubai and other areas of the United Arab Emirates). Unfortunately, in some places in the world, homosexuality is also still illegal as well and so you may not be able to share rooms or have ceremonies there.
  5. Guests – can your invited guests all stay at your preferred venue, or nearby? If they are all going to be miles away, it might detract from the atmosphere and environment –  then again, maybe you want your future inlaws to not be too close! 😉
  6. Travel health – don’t forget that depending on the destination, vaccinations or anti malarial drugs might be required and therefore a short notice elopement might not be suitable. Things like Zika and Ebola may also be a problem in the areas you are planning on going with your guests and so it is best to take precautions and speak to a doctor or physician about any concerns you may have before going. This is particularly a relevant issue for pregnant women (Zika in particular would be a big concern) and of course the elderly and young children.

Whatever you decide to do for your big day and wherever you choose to have it, I wish you a wonderful day and look forward to hearing about it!

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