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Eating out in London

I am so blessed to have been London born & bred! It’s an amazing city with the most phenomenal range of diversity in people as well as cuisines! Near where I used to live there were major hubs of South Africans (yes, I now use the word braai instead of BBQ), Australians, South Koreans and Polish! Sometimes, the only problem was to choose where to eat as there was too much choice!

You could narrow down the choices depending on where you wanted to go, or who was going and what the budget was, but there was still always a lot of choice. Going for brunch up the Shard was a personal London highlight!

Clearly that wouldn’t be suitable for everyone, and to be honest it was a birthday gift for me – but I would definitely go back if I could. One of my favourite more local to me eateries (rather than in Central London) was a South Korean Barbecue restaurant where a lot of the items on the menu you would cook yourself on a grill built into the table. I was always a bit sceptical about the concept and the menu, but even as a fussy eater there was plenty of choice and the food was delicious! After hours the venue turns into a cocktail bar, and it has rooms upstairs that you can book and move on to Karaoke! Just writing about it makes me want to go back!

I’ve also had the absolute privilege of going for Afternoon Tea at the absolutely stunning Winter Garden at the Landmark Hotel – which is an eight storey glass covered atrium. The service and the food was exquisite and I cannot recommend it enough.

Another great thing about dining in London is that everything is actually pretty close together (in Central London anyway). You can combine a meal or snack with sighseeing or the theatre. I totally get why people travel from the other side of the world to visit my home city – it is most definitely worth it.

What if a sit down meal where you have to cook it yourself, or a venue where you have to dress up isn’t your thing?Well, whatever cuisine you like, whatever budget you have, wherever in London you are, whether you prefer independent places or chains, there is always plenty of choice.The main complaint I actually hear about dining in London is the fact that it is so hard to choose where to eat! Here are my top tips to help choose where to go:

  • Speak to the locals – whether you know people who live there, or ask in online forums, ask for recommendations.
  • Much as you might not want to queue, don’t choose empty venues. If it’s not busy there’s probably a reason why.
  • Consult with technology. Great sites like Squaremeal are basically venue databases. You choose what kind of restaurant or venue you are looking for and a location or landmark and it will make suggestions for you. Click here to find out more and try it out!


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