Fetish Dating

The internet is still relatively in its infancy and yet it has transformed our lives. We can now compare prices of items in a store to those available in other stores, without moving. We can get groceries and other shopping delivered to our front door at a time of our choosing. We can research for projects, personal or work, from any device with an internet signal. Our lives are changing faster than ever before, but as well as amazing work based revolutions, one of the best things about the internet is that it allows us to connect with other people with similar interest to ourselves. Through social media and online dating sites, we can connect with people who we have met or even those who we have never ever heard of. Sometimes we don’t want to talk to certain people about some things, but whereas before there were a lot of things that we didn’t talk to our friends about, and that meant we had no one to talk to at all about it, nowadays we can connect with people at a click of a button or a swipe of a smart phone.

Fetish dating isn’t the taboo subject it once was and it’s more acceptable to be into things in the bedroom which were once not talked about. As consenting adults, it is your life and you should do what works for you, but it is important to remember that any form of online dating can have risks, and this is perhaps more so when looking for more specific niche dating. Here are some top tips to stay safe whilst exploring dating in this manner.

  • Ensure you meet a new partner for the first time in a public place. Ideally a trusted friend should know who you are meeting and where. They should expect you to check in by a certain time as well. This is particularly important for women.
  • Remember that everything you read or see online can be fake, and make sure you proceed with any meetings with discernment.
  • Make sure that make or female, you carry condoms and practice safe sex. There is no excuse not to – it is your life and health you are dicing with and it isn’t worth the risk.
  • If you are meeting someone with the intention of a sexual encounter, try to find a neutral location, even if this means paying for a hotel If you go to their home, you are in somewhere you don’t know, and if they come to your home, they know your address. Neither of these are ideal, and certainly not early on in a relationship or “arrangement”.
  • Make sure you are meeting with someone who has an understanding of boundaries. Even if this means there is a safe word in place, they need to understand limits and respect them.
  • An ideal way of meeting the ideal person is to look for someone on a website which is tailored to your specific fetish or interest. Websites such as allow you to connect with people who are like minded and interested in the same things.

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