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Get on track for a track day

Male or female, young or old, there is something special about driving fast and fast cars.

I was fortunate enough to be giving a driving experience for my 30th birthday. I only learnt to drive in an automatic car, so when I received it, I had to check whether I would be able to take part. Thankfully, most the cars are suitable and the one I wanted to drive had "flappy paddle" gears which the "instructor" or guide would tell you when you needed to change. I therefore must be the only person on earth who the only car I've ever had to change gears in was a Ferrari - and yes that is me behind the wheel in the picture above!!

Now, having never driven such a car before, I was terrified, and it was probably the slowest anyone has ever driven a Ferrari as well, but it was an amazing experience! Part of the day included a ride in an Aerial Atom. This was driven by a professional, but even as a passenger it was amazing! The speed and power of these cars is insane and a helmet is definitely required for this one. There are so many track day and experiences available on the market nowadays that it is definitely worth looking in to as a gift for someone. Whether they want to put their foot down, or try a 4x4 off road experience, there is plenty of choice. Some of the packages available include driving a few different cars, and there are even some packages available for younger drivers (quite often for children aged 10-17 but not usually the supercar packages - it is more about learning to drive a normal car).

One of the other great things you can do on a track day, is take your own car. This is something I have never done, but that I would really love to do. I don't have a particularly sporty or fast car, but I just think it would be really fun. In order to do this you need to make sure your insurance will cover it, and that you make sure you meet the rules and regulations of the site. You usually can't just turn up and hope to drive either - so do your research before you go.

Whatever type of driving experience you go for, happy (and safe) driving!

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