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Holiday romances – good idea or not?

I love travelling, and I absolutely love travel on my own-and in fact do so whenever possible. If we are prepared to do dating when we are at home, then why not on holiday? When taking trips and vacations, you can meet some amazing people you would never normally meet. It is an amazing opportunity to meet new friends and maybe more. Great ways to meet new people are:

  • Try activities you wouldn’t normally try – whether that is joining in with a trivia game or putting yourself totally out of your comfort zone like trying a class such as salsa dancing or scuba diving.
  • Go to any solos meetups that are offered – this is particularly common in all-inclusive type resorts or cruises. Even if they aren’t designed with dating in mind they are a great way of meeting new people and are often facilitated by a member of staff who acts as a host.
  • Be open minded and don’t judge on first appearances. Sometimes holidays are great ways to spend time with new people as you have plenty of spare time, but equally if things don’t work out you don’t have to see them again! It really is a win win!
  • Be realistic – if you meet someone whilst away, things will seem more pressured and intense than they would back home. Don’t get too carried away and don’t rush in to anything that is out of character for you. If they really are that special someone then they will wait and things will pan out anyway.
  • Be sensible! Whether you are dating at home or away, you should always be sensible and think of your safety. Meet in public places, tell someone else where you are going (and with whom) and make sure to have someone check in with you by a certain time if they haven’t heard from you. Hopefully it’s because you are having a fabulous time, but it is better to be safe than sorry!

Dating sites are great, whether you are home or away. There is plenty of choice and WeLoveDates have a wide variety of different sites to cover different niches and are always worth a look. Whether you are looking for general dating, or niche dating such as senior dating, Christian dating or black dating, they will have something for you! Just remember though, try not to limit your prospective dating pool too much – of course is something is a deal breaker (like a religion or age bracket) then of course, limit your search. Equally though, there are some great people who might be outside of what you think you are looking for, and who normally you would overlook but actually could be something really special. That’s why general dating sites are really great as well.

So are holiday romances a good idea or not? Well, I think if you are sensible and follow my tips above then yes, they can be a great idea, but equally there are always going to be people who will try and woo you and convince you that you are meant to be together but have ulterior motives in mind (passports and money etc) so just use discernment and be careful! After all, you can meet people like that in your home town too – travel makes no difference to people’s motives.

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