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How to save money on your holidays

I love holidays – I mean, I wouldn’t have a travel blog if I didn’t! Much as I don’t scrimp on my holidays – I don’t spend money that I don’t need to spend, and here I’m going to share my top tips with you on getting your holiday for a great price!

When are you going?

I know that in some jobs and with some family setups you can’t be flexible about when you go away, but if you can be, you really can snag yourself a bargain. Try and avoid the school holidays (not possible with school aged children I know), try flying weekday to weekday rather than at weekends and perhaps even look for something last minute. These can all reduce the price of your holiday.

Where are you going?

Do some research and look for somewhere off the beaten track. Areas with lower levels of tourism are usually cheaper. Do you need to be slap bang in the town centre? What about a 10 minute walk from the beach instead of on it? There may be some things you are not prepared to compromise on, but if there are things on which you can then you can definitely save money. Don’t forget to look at resorts or even countries you may not have considered before either!

Go all-inclusive

There are some seriously cheap all inclusive breaks¬†available! The great thing about all inclusive is that you know upfront what your holiday costs are. There are no hidden extras, no bar bills, and as it’s a package it tends to be a much less stressful approach to holidays. All inclusive usually covers three meals a day, soft drinks, a wide range (but not necessarily all) alcoholic drinks, as well as service charges or gratuities. Some all inclusive resorts will also provide entertainment, water sports and other activities and children’s activity centres and even childcare during the day. With all inclusive you can quite happily go on holiday and not leave the resort (if you don’t want to) meaning it is cost effective and relaxing!

Wherever you are going and whatever it costs – have a wonderful holiday and I look forward to hearing about it in the comments below!


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