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Is travel insurance essential?

I will probably make myself really unpopular, but I unfortunately have no sympathy for people who set up GofundMe pages or similar for travel expenses incurred because they were injured whilst travelling. Travel insurance is not particularly expensive, and even if you don’t care about lumbering yourself with massive bills, what about your family? What if you are incapacitated and the decisions and costs fall to them? What if you died abroad? How would they repatriate your body? You might think I’m being dramatic but these things do happen.

For the sake of a few pounds, you can save yourself and your family a lot of stress and money worries.

If you travel a lot you can even get an annual policy and save even more money. I have a pre-existing medical condition (asthma) and I still managed to get a multi-trip annual policy for only £43.50!

In the grand scheme of what you are going to spend on your holidays in a year, that is a tiny percent. It will give you reassurance on so many levels. Here are some of the top benefitd of travel insurance in case you are still not quite convinced:

  • Financial assistance should you get ill or injured
  • Protection against trip cancellation or delays
  • Cover for lost belongings and possessions
  • 24 hour travel assistance on the phone (most providers now offer this)

I hope that this has helped you to see why travel insurance is essential and that you should always have a policy in place before you travel. If you still think this would never happen to me, and this stuff only happens to other people, check out this great collection of stories of people it has happened to. Everyone has the thought that it won’t happen to them, but it does and can happen to any of us. It is not worth the gamble!


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