My dream holiday home

I don’t know about you, but I would love to have a holiday home one day. Ideally it would be somewhere warm and sunny, in a not too busy location, but equally it wouldn’t be in the middle of nowhere. One of my must haves for my dream holiday home is an infinity pool! I mean, if you are going to do it – do it properly right?! Infinity pools are amzing – I love the concept of the pool appearing to join up to the ocean.

Another must have for my dream holiday home is plenty of space for people to come and visit. I’d love at least two or three beautifully decorated guest rooms, which would be airy and decorated minimalistically. I want to be able to offer accomodation for anyone who needs a break or change of scenery at any time, and if need be, with little or no notice, after all, sometimes we just want a chance to get away on a budget and give ourselves a chance to recharge.

I think one of the key components I’d love to have open plan living, which is light and bright. I love the idea of trade roof lanterns which would really open up the space and allow the natural light in.

In fact, I’d love any type of aluminium lantern roof. These can be installed in almost any flat roof, and as they allow such a massive amount of natural light in that it allows a space to be transformed and perfect for either relaxing or entertaining!

I’d love to have living space with a view. I spent 12 years of living in a flat on a really busy road with my view being the restaurant and dentist across the road. A view across to open space or even the sea would be phenomenal. I really think a good view can be good for the soul, and a change away from living on a busy road has done wonders for my asthma and allergies.

In fact, thinking about it I’d like all the house to be decorated in a clean and fresh way. It should be homely and warm but without being cluttered. The furniture and fixtures and fittings (including in the bathrooms) would have clean lines and be tastefully decorated.

Perhaps you might think I’m being greedy, but we can all dream right? I think the last criteria would be the location. I know I’ve mentioned this briefly before, but thinking about it, it would need to be somewhere which is easily accessible, and visitors to be able to find without too much of an onward journey from an airport (but again, I don’t want to be under the landing path). I’d want any guests (and mysel when I’m flying backwards and forwards) to no have to keep trekking and travelling for hours after any flights.

I’m not entirely convinced my dream holiday house exists but if not, maybe one day I will be able to get it built! I for one am not one to be restricted by reality and will continue dreaming!

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