Staying safe when online dating

Wherever in the world you are, online dating is a massive industry. It’s a great way for people to connect, even if they would never cross paths in the “real world”. Whilst there is nothing wrong with being single, being in a relationship can be really beneficial to your mental and physical health. If for no other reason than to have that other person to talk things through with or bounce things off. It can also help as financially it can take the burden off – for example, as a single person I get a 25% discount on council tax, but if I were living with someone, we would be paying the full amount, but probably splitting it 50:50, and so it just takes the pressure off.

Whether you are at home or travelling, it’s really important to stay safe when dating though. It is better after all for a friend or relative to know where you are and who you are meeting and not need that information, than not tell anyone, and no-one knows where you are if there’s a concern about your safety. Another great way to stay safe online is to try local dating sites, so just search online for your area for example Northamptonshire Dating Site (or wherever you are based/visiting) and connect with people local to your area. The last thing you need on a first date is having to travel miles and go somewhere you are unfamiliar with. It is better to meet somewhere on neutral territory on a first meeting too. Ideally the location should be mutually agreed and be mutually convenient. It’s also key to make sure it’s well lit and has good public transport links and connections (or you have the number of a trusted cab company if the location is a bit more rural).

I personally hate stories where vicitims of sexual attacks are blamed for what they are wearing or what they have been drinking, there is no excuse for it at all, but equally, by trying not to drink too much, you will stay more in control of your faculties and make better decisions. It limits the risk of someone taking advantage of you. Once you know the person a little better, you can let your guard down a little more, but for a first date, it’s ideal to not get too drunk or take any other substances.

Looking for great local attractions or venues for dates can be great too, as can daytime dates. So in the example I gave earlier of Northamptonshire you have a wide variety of places to visit, which will cater to the tastes of any couple. Some of my top picks from that area are Althorp House, which is perfect for any fan of Princess Diana or the Royal Family, The Pinnacle Climbing Centre which is great for any couple looking for something more active and adventurous, or Abington Park which is perfect for a nice walk and some fresh air, exploring the museum, house, grounds, lakes and more. Whatever you think you and your date would like, find something local and a bit different to make a really different first impression!

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