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Why your travel business needs to be online

We all know about big holiday companies such as Expedia and whilst I have used them on more than one occasion, I prefer dealing with holiday providers directly where possible. As the travel industry explodes at such a phenomenal rate though, it means that every single holiday home, hotel, transfers, dining or anything else owner needs to have a web presence. Without having a good website and great SEO (search engine optimisation) ranking, a small business may as well not exist.

When you have a problem with your electrics you would call in an electrician, or you might call a plumber in for a plumbing problem. Sometimes you need to accept the fact that perhaps your expertise lies in different areas and outsource the task to someone else. This is no different to building a website or improving your online search presence. There are ways of getting cheap or basic websites done either by yourself or by someone who might let you down, but sometimes you might want something a bit more special, and not need to worry about it yourself. You might also not want to (or be able to) throw a massive amount of money at the problem. This is where agencies like Silky Ocean Studios come in. Specialising in working with small businesses to boost their web presence, their expertees are invaluable.

I know of at least one holiday rental in the South of France whose business nearly folded when their website went down. No-one could find them except for people who already knew they existed. They couldn’t take enquiries, which in turn may lead to a booking and until they took on a new web agency, their business was days away from folding. They had their beautiful home, but they also had bills to pay and running costs and with no guests, they were making a massive loss.

Nowadays, we are so used to finding out any information at the click of a button of swipe of an app. By having a mobile responsive website, which ranks well on Google, you can completely change your business and your future.

Some people might be averse to the extra cost when you can built a website for next to nothing yourself, but in my experience, some things in life are worth paying for. Unless webdesign and SEO are things you are keen to learn about then why waste your time on something you aren’t interested in and will probably end up finding really frustrating. Why not just pay the money (but not too much money) and get it done by someone who knows what they are doing and will get it done in a fraction of the time. This will also leave you the time to work on aspects of your business which you actually like doing. It really is a win win and I definitely would recommend any small business, in the travel industry or in fact in any other, consider getting their web presence and any other aspect of online marketing sorted for them.

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