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Villa holidays – pros and cons

Villa holidays can be absolutely amazing! I have stayed in one in both Tenerife & Cyprus. I’m going to outline some of the things that I think are the biggest pros and cons about them in order to help you decide whether they might be right for you.


  • Villa holidays can be super cost effective. By travelling with a low cost airline and splitting the cost between friends and family, you can usually find a really great deal.
  • Depending on the location and area, villa holidays can offer really great privacy. When I stayed in Cyprus, my friends and I had a fenced off villa with a private pool so only the group I was travelling with were using it.
  • For fussy eaters or families who have routines, having a kitchen and facility to cook and eat as and when can give you a real feeling of flexibility and freedom.
  • For families with small children, you aren’t stuck with either having to stay in a hotel room after they’ve gone to bed, or keep them up late. You can have a great evening and the kids are totally safe.


  • It can be hard to budget the additional costs you will incur, as you will need to pay for all food and drink out there, and sometimes shops in or near areas with villas can charge a premium.
  • For those who like to be waited on hand and foot, a villa holiday is probably not for you as you still need to cook and clean etc.
  • Depending on who you book through, you may not have the guarantees that you get when booking through a travel agent.
  • Villas can be, but are not always near the attractions or things you might want to see, so you might need to get a rental car or travel about more.

In short, just like any holiday or trip, villa holidays have their good bits and their bad bits. Depending on what you are looking for they may be just right for you though! Good luck in looking for your next trip!

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