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Why I love travelling solo!

I have lived on my own for far too long! I’m rather set in my ways and I guess I can be selfish. I love travelling and having nice holidays and vacations and so more often than not I travel on my own. It does usually mean I end up paying some sort of single supplement or premium, but I just find it that bit more relaxing that way.

I can go where I want to go, when I want to go. I eat where and when I want to eat and I sleep when I want. Maybe this all sounds really selfish, and I’m not going to argue, it is! The thing is, it is what I am used to. I am not used to having to compromise every day, and so I find it hard when I have to do that.

I like to spend my money on my holidays and so I want to enjoy every last minute. It’s not a criticism of the people I’ve been away with – it’s a criticism of me!

So many people have said to me that I am brave for travelling on my own, but it’s not. I admit, I am not sure I could go off somewhere new and on a kind of trip I had not been on before on my own for the first time, but the kind of things I do, I feel totally comfortable with and feel totally safe.

  • I’ve been to New York on my own (although I did go there for the first time with a friend).
  • I go on cruises by myself.
  • I’ve been on weekend city breaks on my own.
  • I’ve been on safari in Kenya on my own.
  • It’s a different story and there’s a whole post on it, but I booked a place for myself to go off to Africa and climb Kilimanjaro without anyone I knew.

The thing is, I would never go and maroon myself on an island by myself, so if I want company, I can find it, but if I want to just have some time to myself, I totally can! It really is the best of both worlds and it’s really not as scary as you think! I’ve also gotten a lot better at taking selfies! 😉

mastering my selfies skills


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